Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheet of a hazardous substance or mixture is a basic tool for information in a supply chain. Current valid “design” of SDS in EU was implemented with Annex II of REACH directive with its later amendment by regulation 2015/830.
We use the best tools thanks to which we can perform quickly and according to all current regulation in preparation or actualization of either one or whole portfolio of SDS’s.

  • Creation “from scratch” of new safety data sheet of substance or mixture,
  • Checking the validity of safety data sheet content according to changing regulation and new properties related data and in case of necessity – SDS update,
  • Preparation of polish language version based on ready english SDS’s with adjustments according to polish current legislation,
  • Checking the correctness of ready SDS
  • Preparation of extended safety data sheet containing exposure scenarios
  • Consultancy and help with queries/disputes with appropriate authorities