About Us

Chemical Consulting Bureau was founded by Grzegorz Żmijowski, graduate of Biology and Environmental Protection Faculty of University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Many years of professional experience at scientific and management posts in contract research laboratories in Poland and abroad gives him a vast knowledge in ecotoxicology and physico-chemical properties studies. Other areas of expertise are  classification of hazardous substances and mixtures and quality assurance system of Good Laboratory Practice.


Our mission is to constitute an active “bond” between efficiency focused area of industry and inquiring and precise area of science. By our services we would like to aid chemical branch companies not only in their daily activity, but with their further development, innovativeness and competitiveness.
Our good prices and short time of task completion are result of merging the commitment with up-to-date and efficient working methods. We are equipped whit tools used by the biggest chemical companies in the world – all at your disposal.
We are dedicated to constant development. We will be extending our knowledge and range of services to respond more effectively to our customer needs.